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25 videos for Drake Software, including the "Holiday Mail for Heroes Project" and the 3D animated corporate Christmas greeting video, "Once Upon a Christmas"


20 Various Sales Videos


Multiple File Conversions

New TV for Bryant Building

Projector Maintenance at Support

New Mics for a Couple of Developers



Produced around 96 videos for Education including tutorials, training, ads and updates...

Live Streaming Events

Live Streamed 2 Franklin Drake Update Schools and Produced Testing DVDs


Shot over 20 client testimonials in Concord, NC as well as covered B-roll of the event


Additionally, we supported Education in testing and ordering replacement mics and gear as needed for the road.

Installed new PTZ cameras for the Education Building and made sure they were up and running.


Shot and Edited 38 Videos

Several Photo Shoots / Photo Editing

Gruntworx-CircleLogo [Converted]

Including Commercials and Training

Drake Projects

• Mountain West Partnership

• Various Sporting Events

• Jeremiah's Weddings

• Franklin Events Coverage

• Robotic Competition Coverage

(first quarter of year)

• Body Building Competition

• Mountain Faith Shoot / Edit at SMCPA

• Working with HR on an Online Class for New Hires

• Phil's Playback Machine

The Factory

Jump Factory Grand Opening, Install and Marquee Videos


Training for EMS in Case of Accident at The Factory

Support for Audio and Projector Issues at The Factory


Continue to Create a Loop Video From Slides for the Lobby

Continue to Create New Ads for Every Show to be Viewed at Ruby Cinemas

Video Recording of Various ‘Theatrical Plays’ for Marquee Advertisements


2016 Backlot Cinema logo

• Studio Install / Oversee – Including Various Construction

• Built Sets for Education

• Hung Temporary Lighting in Studio A

• NAB in Vegas (Team Building)

• ProTools Training in Indiana (Ben)

• Overseeing of Website Development for BacklotCinema.com

Through Backlot Cinema, we have taken in some outside projects in the midst of our full schedule...

• Koster Construction (2 Videos)

• DVD Duplication

• Webster Enterprises – Year long project with their ‘Board of Directors’

• Town Interviews for EDC Award

• Cowee Historical Video Series

• VanDrake Racing

• VanDrake Real Estate Morganton (auction)

• Kimsey Real Estate (3 Videos)

• Robotics (4th Quarter)

• Macon Appliance (2 Videos)


I’ve had several estimates / bids for out of state and in town work by word of mouth.


In addition to those projects, we have conducted multiple test shoots, performed trouble shooting on various gear, held brainstorming sessions and meetings, drunk a lot of coffee, cleaned the studio / building after ourselves and anyone else that happened to have been there at times...


– Recorded and edited audio/video.

– Tested creative concepts and have written detailed and thorough production plans.

– Emailed the heck out of email! I have kept open communication and have responded to people in a very timely manner...

– Researched gear, ordered gear, installed gear and have seen that it’s taken care of.

– Kept every last receipt and signed off on every single one... as fast as I could do it.

– Kept track of all of our job times and made sure that reports had been submitted monthly to account for our hours worked.

– Scheduled jobs for our team and managed our calendar. I have kept job lists going and updated them as permitted.

– Worked with multiple personnel simultaneously as well as separately to try and accomplish the jobs at hand.

Some of those people include Christine Reynolds, James Stork, Becky Reed and various other people involved with the Drake Education Group.

– Worked with subcontractors as the studio was beeing built-out. This had included working with several of Drake’s departments: HVAC, electrical and maintenance.

– Worked extensively with Kevin Reinen (Chief Technical Engineer at the Grand Ole Opry) on the studio build-out and placement of gear orders as needed. I had arranged to have everything delivered in a timely manner. I had also arranged to the best of my ability his hotel/food for his time spent working here at the studio. (I tried to be a gracious host...)

– During the studio build-out process, I had tried to answer Phil, Josh, Adam, Warren, and Neil's questions and or concerns to the best of my ability.